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Assignment OuBaPo

Draw a comics page
with many panels
But not on a grid
Scatter panels around
and provide more than one
possible path
for the reader to take
in the spaces between panels

And then think about
how this affects
or doesn't affect
the sense of time on your page


Portrait of Nicole

Painted quickly, in 1990
On the field of grass facing
Jamestown Road, like most
Of my volunteer models,
She is reading
I have forgotten her last name.


"What color comes next?"
Mollie asks, "What color now?"
Painting a rainbow


Walking down Mission Street,
One man fixes shoes on the sidewalk,
Another sells churros on a corner,
"Churros, churros," "Churros, churros,"
He sings, I find the tacqueria
That Leef recommended
And put in my order, veggie burrito,
It is made by a young man
In a Ghost Busters t-shirt,
Where are the women asking
"Black beans or pinto?"
Not here, wrapped in foil it is packed
With chips and two sauces
In a small paper bag
I hold it, warm, against my chest
  though it's a sunny day
After walking some blocks, wet on my hand
Sauce from the bottom, dripping,
Splashing my clean pants and black shirt
Will anyone notice?


Sunlight peeks in around the shade
I'm awake
But my eyelids protest
My thoughts race, I'm awake
But I fell well short of eight hours
Maybe slumber deserves another chance

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