David Lasky (dlasky) wrote,
David Lasky

Final April Poems


Ultimate Wonder Woman

Deflecting bullets, she is knocked unconscious,
Tied up and asked to tell the truth,
"A beautiful woman is still a person,
and wants to be treated as such,"
She escapes, ties the man up,
And demands he tell the truth,
"Men are ruled by biological urges;
Stuggling against them makes us more human."
Flying off, she wonders,
"Why has it always been this way?"


I'm interested in making
A small poster
Let me know what details
You'd like on it
And if it's in color
Or black and white


106 Bus

A white dog 
Peers over a
Tall fence expectantly
A tree has a large
Branch sagging to
The ground
A girl walks alone her
Long hair hanging
Before her
Tags: 30/30 poems
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