David Lasky ( dlasky) wrote,
David Lasky

Final April Poems


Ultimate Wonder Woman

Deflecting bullets, she is knocked unconscious,
Tied up and asked to tell the truth,
"A beautiful woman is still a person,
and wants to be treated as such,"
She escapes, ties the man up,
And demands he tell the truth,
"Men are ruled by biological urges;
Stuggling against them makes us more human."
Flying off, she wonders,
"Why has it always been this way?"


I'm interested in making
A small poster
Let me know what details
You'd like on it
And if it's in color
Or black and white


106 Bus

A white dog 
Peers over a
Tall fence expectantly
A tree has a large
Branch sagging to
The ground
A girl walks alone her
Long hair hanging
Before her
Tags: 30/30 poems
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