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David Lasky

12 of 12 for September

On the 12th of every month, I try to do something called 12 of 12 -- a photo diary of my day. 

The day started early, at a fundraising breakfast for 826 seattle, where I sometimes teach and/or volunteer.  I had to be there at 7:30, and was maybe 3 minutes late, but arrived in time to hear Teri Hein speak, and then my two-time student Noah, who did a great job. 

I sat at table 13, and felt lucky to be there.

I then bussed over to Ballard to work on the Carter Family graphic novel project with Frank Young.

This is one of the books we're using for research.

Here's Frank, at work:

On my lunch break, I visited the wonderful organic bakery where I used to work as a delivery driver.  There were two new slicers being serviced.  I saw the old slicer in a corner, and was so stunned at how bent up it had gotten that I took a photo...

I used to slice bread wtih this fairly regularly.  It made me a little sad to see it out of commission.

I started taking pictures of my former co-workers...

Felipe put flour on his face to show how dedicated he is...

Amanda agreed to donate bread to the ZAPP open house, because she's awesome:

Back at the studio, Frank took my photo as I drew some thumbnails...

(This is not really my desk.  I am just borrowing it.)

These are my hands (Frank also took this photo):

On the way home, I ran and just barely missed my bus.  Another driver, with a bus that was out of service, saw what had happened and stopped to ask if i wanted a ride to try and catch up w/ my bus.  I did, and we rode north up Crown Hill in pursuit of the bus.  The lights were against us and we never did catch my bus, but the driver dropped me close to home.  In all my years of riding buses, I've never been picked up by an out of service bus.  Mr Anonymous Driver, I salute you.  Thanks for helping me get home in a timely manner. 

At home, it was time to do laundry.  We were out of soap, so I broke open the package containing what I like to call the "laundry orb". 

It's that blue ball you see in teh photo above.  It contains soap.

Leeann came home and ordered a take-n-bake pizza.  I got the veggie half.

We watched Bill Moyers talk about conservative shock jocks who preach anti-liberal hatred and also a report on how poorly the mass media is covering the presidential campaign.
I needed soy milk for tomorrow's coffee, so I went to the QFC across the street.  I also bought some sliced fruit and scones.

We than watched an interview with Sarah Palin where she attempted to dodge the quesition of whether she has any foreign policy experience.  None of my photos of the TV came out though. 

At the end of the day, just after midnight, I checked my email, and heard from David Lee Ingersoll that a comic I drew in the 90's, Boom Boom #2, was named one of "Five Perfect Comics" by comics critic Jeff Lester.  It made my day. 

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