David Lasky (dlasky) wrote,
David Lasky

The Lasky Report

A week ago, on the 18th, someone somewhere had decided it was "24 Hour Comics Day".  I was very busy that Saturday, but decided I would give it a shot.  Usually, to make a 24-hour comic, an arist locks his or her self in a room and does nothing but draw comics for 24 hours.  Not having that luxury, I took my drawing pad all over town with me and drew 24 little pages along the way.  The results are on my flickr page



Thank you, ComicsLifestyle and Joyville for posting links to the Lasky Report!
I don't know if this is an official 24-hour comic worthy of reporting to the official 24 Hour Comic Hall of Records, because I cut a lot of corners (every corner I could).  But it was fun.

EDIT: Thanks also to Comics Reporter, The Ephemerist, Journalista, and Newsarama for mentioning "The Lasky Report".  I think each one picked a different sample image to display.  How cool!
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