David Lasky (dlasky) wrote,
David Lasky

Roger Hane

Today, January 3, is the birth anniversary of Roger Hane, one of my very favorite illustrators.  He would have been 71.  Hane was tragically murdered in Central Park in June of 1974 at the age of 35.  Today's anniversary means he has been dead for as long as he was alive, about 35 1/2 years. 

By strange coincidence, yesterday I received a book I'd ordered about Roger Hane.  I learned in the book that January 3 was his date of birth.  Entitled Roger Hane: Art, Times and Tragedy, it's the first and only book devoted to Hane.  It's fantastic!  I've spent hours, yesterday and today, poring over illustrations I'd never seen before (tons of them) and reading more about Hane's life. 

I've posted another Roger Hane book cover to my flickr page, and will try to post a few more this month...


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