David Lasky (dlasky) wrote,
David Lasky

Grandma Zapp's Variety Show

Grandma Zapp's Variety Show, originally uploaded by davidlasky.

This is an announcement for a benefit show I've been putting together -a fundraiser for ZAPP, Seattle's zine archive.

Come see readings by Jim Woodring (Weathercraft), Megan Kelso (Artichoke Tales), Lucy Morehouse (Ong Ong), Greg Stump (Dwarf Attack), Zach Mandeville (Funwater Awesome), Max Clotfelter and Kelly Froh (Stewbrew), Raleigh Briggs and Julia Lipscomb. Live music by Helen Parson!

Buy your tickets now for this June 15 event!

illustration: Megan Kelso
lettering: Raleigh Briggs
colors: Jon Horn

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