February 25th, 2009


Heroic Woman sketch

Heroic Woman, originally uploaded by davidlasky.

Arts Corps is a Seattle non-profit that creates arts programs in schools that have had their arts funding slashed.  Actual artists are hired to teach subjects like Dance, Music, Spoken Word, Theatre, Visual Art, and (this is where I come in) Cartooning.  I am employed two days a week to help middle school students learn how to draw comics. 

To help Arts Corps continue its mission, I am asking for donations of $20, and will thank you with a small original drawing.  That's right: mail me a check made out to Arts Corps for $20 (include your name and address, and maybe a one dollar bill to help me with postage) and I will mail you a little sketch as a thank you gift.  You can email me (davidlasky at yahoo dot com) to ask for my address, or look it up online