March 3rd, 2009


The Return of Dylan Horrocks

Back in the 90's, one of the most exciting indy comic books was Dylan Horrocks' Pickle.  Every new issue was full of surprises, and the linework (instead of being heavy and controlled) was free and full of joy.  The culmination of that series was the graphic novel Hicksville.  Horrocks travelled from his home in New Zealand to promote the book at SPX and around North America.  He was full of ideas and enthusiasm.  He was working on something new called "Atlas".  It seemed he was poised to lead the medium in innovative new directions. 

Then he got a job in a factory.  Well, not an actual factory.  A comic book factory.  He became a writer for DC comics.  I'm sure it helped to support his family, which is of course important.  But issues of "Atlas" came out so slowly that when a new one came out, it was as if a friend you'd feared long dead was showing up on your doorstep.  Readers wondered if Horrocks would ever finish another graphic novel of his own. 

As the market for pamphelet style indy comic books dries up, Horrocks has made the leap to the web.  And the result is looking as promising as the days when he was juggling multiple storylines in Pickle.  I'm hoping that this is the beginning of many more books from Dylan Horrocks...
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