March 19th, 2009


Golden Toonie Award

Golden Toonie Award, originally uploaded by davidlasky.

On Saturday, in between sessions of the Zine Librarians UnConference (which is a whole other story), I attended the Cartoonists Northwest Toonie Awards. CNW is an associtation of cartoonists, comic writers, illustrators, and animators that was founded in 1981. I was nominated for an award in the Illustration category, and was stunned to find myself winning the Golden Toonie, their highest honor!

Other highlights of the award ceremony were:
Donna Barr's story about the time she freaked out Scott McCloud, and Jack Kirby had her back.
Mark Monlux's drawng of a killer plant about to eat a cute kitty.
The rocking vibes of the Amazing Martin Brothers.
Shaking hands with the granddaughter of Basil Wolverton! (In case you are wondering, to pronouce his name correctly, it should rhyme with "hazel").
Getting a ride home from Roberta Gregory and Donna Barr, and getting tips from each on how to draw horses (which is relevant to my current project).

Thank you, CNW, for a very nice evening!