April 23rd, 2009


cover version of a favorite Jack Kirby cover

The covered blog has posted my submission today, a cover version of a Kamandi cover by Jack Kirby. 
The link below will show you the original cover next to mine.  Click on mine to see it larger.  If you look carefully, you will notice that I drew it over two pages of a book (a book on financial planning from the 70's).
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upcoming classes taught by yours truly

The Richard Hugo House on Seattle's Capitol Hill is the location of ZAPP and a place where I will be teaching in the coming months...

Zine-ster Double Feature is a 5-week exploration of words and pictures for middle school students that I will co-teach with Nora Mukaihata.
This class was cancelled by Hugo House -- not enough students enrolled.  Apologies to those who did!  We hope they will offer it again in the fall.

For the grown-ups out there, Greg Stump and I plan to teach our well-received autobio comics class this summer.  For a preview, you could participate in the Write-O-Rama  fundraiser on June 6.  (All in all, it's a really good deal!)

Watch this space for details on more upcoming classes.