September 3rd, 2009


"No Ordinary Flu" mentioned on ABC site

The comic book I illustrated about pandemic flu was recently mentioned on an ABC news blog

Meanwhile I've started taking vitamin D to help my body defend itself during flu season. 

King County Public Health will soon release a one sheet guide to keeping children and teens home from school when they have the flu. 

ADDENDUM:  Jennifer Daydreamer writes in to say:
You get vitamin D from the sun.  One article said, even though there are sources of vitamin D, you would think, from ice cream or cheese, the other way to get vitamin D, whereby your body will really absorb it, is from milk.  Treat yourself to organic milk.

A doctor and a natropath both told me that many in the Northwest have a hard time absorbing vitamin D, in pill form especially.  Many women, esp., are prescribed vitamin D in liquid form, in small liquid containor, for absorption.  Also, too much vitamin D can cause constipation, which can happen if you are taking a supplement.

Vitamin C is great for keeping healthy.  And garlic!  Garlic really fights off illness.  And onions are a natural antibiotic. If you do get sick, good old fashion chicken soup, with 7-up and crackers and tv, is still a favortie.

Also, I just found this health checklist: