December 21st, 2009


Friends of the Nib Playing Card Deck

The Friends of the Nib, a group of friends I draw with, is designing its own deck of playing cards -- for both a gallery show and to be printed as an actual deck of cards.  Here is what I can find online, to give you an idea of what this deck will look like when it is available next year:

Dalton Webb, the Jokers.

Carl Nelson, 8 of clubs.

David Lasky, 9 of spades.

Sarah McIntyre, Queen of Diamonds.

Kelly Froh, 6 of spades, 9 of hearts.

Scott Faulkner, The Ace of Spades.

Marc Palm, Queen of Clubs.

Marc Palm, Ace of Diamonds.

Noel Franklin, 4 of spades.

Noel Franklin, 7 of hearts.

Max Clotfelter's ingenius sketch for the 7 of spades.