David Lasky (dlasky) wrote,
David Lasky

30/30: Two more games for comics creators

I am writing 30 minutes every day in the month of October to help raise funds for Seattle's Hugo House, a place for writers. A lot of what I've been writing falls under the heading "Ideas for Short Comics," which may become a zine some time soon. Here are two more of my "ideas for short comics"...

Loteria Comics

Do a web search for “Loteria Cards.”
Pick a deck you like.
Redraw the grid (or part of it) as a comic, adding word balloons as you wish.

Subject: your own aspirations vs. fate.

Erotic Comic

Take up to 3 pages to depict a sex fantasy, or memorable sexual experience. You may hide or disguise the identities of the characters if necessary.

Look up the printers' text “Lorem ipsum.” This will be the text of your comic, to use any way you desire. Be adventurous.

The title of your comic will be “Latin Lover.”

If you would like to support the Hugo House, please donate a litte something via my page...


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