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I met legendary artist Kim Deitch at the Fantagraphics store last weekend.  He was an early influence when I first started drawing comics -- and is one of the few remaining artists who can bring out the fan in me.  I'd never met him before.  Now let's see, the fan in me just has to meet Robert Crumb, Lynda Barry, Jacques Tardi, Lat...

I got food poisoining in the middle of the week.  I shouln't have eaten that piece of pizza that was in the fridge for so long.  I'm feeling much better now.  Apologies to Noel whom I was supposed to help move on Wednesday.  I can give you a hand now if it would make any difference.  

I'm in the middle of inking a new comic about THe Clash.  I'll post a preview soon...  OK, gotta get back to the drawng board.  


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