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Now I am 40

I just turned 40 about an hour ago.  I'm not going to have a party, but I've been kind of having little parties for the last couple of days.  Wednesday night at Cafe Racer, where all my cartoonist friends (The Friends of the Nib) gather, was a lot of fun.  I received some amazing gifts that are too cool to even describe with mere words, and a Devil Dinosaur card.  And then Bob Rini grabbed a pair of bongos that happened to be laying around and recited a beat movement style song-poem about me and my birthday, and how I once ate fried pickles.  It was brilliant, and also exempted everyone else from having to sing "happy birthday" to me.  And there was chocolate cake.  

Today I taught at the Art Institute and Peter Bagge and Pat Moriarity were the esteemed celebrity guests in Greg's and my class.  I had some technical troubles with the slide projector and laptop, but all in all it went well.  I brought cupcakes to class in honor of my birthday, Jason Lutes' birthday (which is Dec 7), and Peter's upcoming birthday (the 11th).  Also, Dec 8th is the birthday of E.C. Segar and James Thurber.  It is also the birthday of Stefan Gruber, whose friendship I treasure.  And Bridget too.  Everyone eat a cupcake today.

There are some years when it seems no one remembers my birthday.  No one but my parents (at least one of them), and my old temp agency (which used to send birthday cards with robotic precision).  When one turns 40, everyone remembers your birthday and I thank everyone who has wished me well.  It helps to ease the sting of middle age.


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